A bit about us...

The Yorkshire Pudding Festival was, of course, born from the love of the humble Yorkshire Pudding and how diverse it can be in how it is used.

For years the festival creator, Ben, has been filling his Yorkshire Puddings with all sorts of fillings, from mini roast dinners to curry. (Judge all you like!) So he wanted to show the world just how amazing these little boats of fluffy cooked batter are.

The first ever festival was held on the 2nd February 2020 where it attracted world wide media attention. Around 10,000 people turned up on the day to sample the delicious delights the food traders had in store. From Ruddy Gud Puds who had bangers and mash filled Yorkies and a sweet option of lemon cheesecake, to Masri, an Egyptian street food company serving the very best tastes of Egypt inside a Yorkshire Pudding. 

Alongside the food stalls there were local traders too selling their Yorkshire based produce, from themed underpants to home made moonshine. There was something for everyone on the day. 

We asked the public for feedback after the event to help us improve on future events, and we listened! 2021 is set to be bigger and better in so many different ways! We are spreading the event over a whole weekend, limiting numbers of attendees, adding more food and trader stalls into the mix and having dedicated queuing systems for each food stall!

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